Crib bumper sales to be banned in Maryland

Crib bumper ban

cribThe Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is proposing to ban the sale of baby bumper pads in the State of Maryland starting June 21, 2013. The risks associated with the bumper pads outweigh the benefits, according to The Maryland Department of Health.

The department began its investigation of baby bumper pads with a request for public comment published in the Maryland Register on April 22, 2011. In addition to its own review of the evidence, over the past year the department has consulted an expert panel of health experts, held two public meetings, and reviewed public comment.

Banning the sale of baby bumpers is a component of a larger effort to promote safe sleep in infants. Families are encouraged to follow the ABCs of sleep. Babies should sleep Alone, on their Backs, and in a Crib.

“The safety and health of infants in Maryland is our first priority,” said Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, secretary of DHMH. “After an extensive year long review of the evidence and thoughtful consideration of public comment, we agree with our expert health advisors that baby bumper pads pose unreasonable risks to infants.”