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Crofton author’s book takes kids around the world

My Father FliesCrofton author Jennifer Ginn has a new children’s book out called “My Father Flies.”

In the story, India, Africa, Australia, and a host of countries come to life as a devoted dad, who travels the globe, brings tales of his every adventure back to his young son. Each country’s customs, cultures, and attractions are explored as the boy’s father circles the earth and then takes a return trip to his most favorite spot—home by his son’s side. Illustrated with bright, entertaining images, this travel tale interweaves a world geography lesson, a spirit of discovery, and sweet story about a loving father-son relationship.

“As a child, my father traveled the world extensively for long stretches of time. Decades later, history repeated itself as my husband circled the globe while I was at home with our two young boys,” Ginn said. “My hope is that children who hear the story will be inspired to explore the world and feel ensured that a parent’s love for their children is strong enough to reach around the world.”


Ginn also authored “Lobsters on the Loose,” the tale of lobsters escaping the grocery tank and making their way back to the sea.

“My Father Flies” is being released by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. And is for the early reader — ages 5-8.

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