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Crownsville fourth grader to hold school supply drive this weekend

schoolsuppliesHelp an Anne Arundel County fourth grader collect school supplies for the needy this weekend.

Isabella “Bella” Stack recently read a story in The Sunday Capital about the dire need for school supplies for needy students and asked her mother a simple question, “How can a child be excited about going back to school if they don’t have all the supplies they need?”

So Bella, a student at South Shore Elementary School, not only donated a book bag full of supplies to the county back-to-school drive, she decided to have a drive of her own. This weekend she will lead a collection effort for supplies at South Shore Elementary. Anyone wishing to drop off school supplies can do so from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 9, at the school located at 1376 Fairfield Loop Road in Crownsville.

The Back-to-School program annually matches donors with local elementary schools to help provide back-to-school supplies to students who need them. Donors can purchase backpacks stocked with all the required materials, and then deliver the backpacks to the students’ respective schools, but drives such as the one Bella is leading also help tremendously.

Click here for details about Anne Arundel County’s Back-to-School drive.

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