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Baby on Board: Can You Cruise with an Infant?

CruisinwithBabyWith Carnival Cruises now operating year-round out of Baltimore, families looking to take to the seas no longer have to add in a long drive or a flight to Florida. And while Carnival has a reputation of being the best cruise lines for families and kids, what if the kid is a baby? Are there any tips for crusing with an infant?


Since my husband couldn’t come, my 22-year-old sister Maggie could clear time in her schedule, so we all — Maggie, me, and baby Jack — boarded the ship in late May for a trip to the Caribbean. First-time cruisers all, we alternately struggled and soared — but most of all, we learned.

Arriving at the Port of Baltimore was easy and convenient—my husband just dropped us all off. Parking is available, but it’s expensive, so get a friend to drive you. We had VIP Check-In, which was an immense help. However, there will still be some waiting—and it looked like, if you had regular check-in, it looked like you’d be waiting awhile. So bring games and snacks.

The best part of checking in was we just dropped our bags off and that was the last we saw of them until they magically appeared in our room. The appeal of unpacking once was immediately apparent; also, with no checked-bag fees, we could fill Jack’s suitcase with diapers, wipes and all the other baby necessities, rather than attempting to distribute his stuff between my husband’s and my suitcase in an effort to cut costs.

Read on for the lessons we learn.

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