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Dad volunteers in Maryland schools

DadVolWebBy Laura Barnhardt Cech

Dads today change diapers. They coach soccer and cook dinner. So, why should their parental involvement end at the classroom doors?

Yet, there are still some schools where “room mothers” are sought and the PTA is all-female governing body.

Dads are starting to change that. They are volunteering to head up school committees, cut out construction paper shapes, lead pep rallies, and read at story times.

“Initially, I got the look — the ‘what’s that guy doing here?’ look,” says Ray Leone, an Anne Arundel father of two who was just installed as the president of the Maryland PTA.

But, Leone encourages men to stick around for the school parades, show up for the zoo trips and the spring fairs. Soon enough, he says, you’ll be walking into the lunch room and getting high-fives from the second-graders. “You’re a rock star,” says Leone, who lives in Edgewater. “I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

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