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Date Night In—Get Creative With Your Partner at Home

Busy couples, not only parents, understand the importance of date nights and connecting with your partner. Through conversation or activities, you and your partner are communicating and strengthening your relationship.

But there are often roadblocks that stop busy parents from getting out for a regular date night—from not having a babysitter to being plain worn out once the kids are in bed or, well, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

So how do you schedule a date night when you can’t get out? Why not try a date night in? In this digital age, there are so many options to bring movies, TV shows, podcasts, workout routines, craft tutorials, and recipes into your house with a click of a button. If you prefer to unplug for your date, the opportunities are endless for activities that are engaging and fun that you can do from the comfort of your own home—though it might take a bit of planning ahead to buy the puzzle, gather the equipment for fermenting kombucha tea, or fill your shelves with board games.

To create a great date night, you and your partner should pick a specific day of the week to plan your special night. Leaving it up to “one night this week” means it might get pushed around or never gets elevated from your normal routine. Once a date and time have been set, put it on your calendar. That is what you would do with any night out with friends or a meeting at work so this is an easy way to schedule it and keep anything else from taking its place. Once your date is set, it’s time to plan the menu and the entertainment. Here are some suggestions for your next date night in!

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 5.56.00 PM copyGo Old School
Find a TV series to start watching, but don’t binge. With the availability of streaming services, there is immediate access to thousands of shows that you may have missed on network television. The key here is to not binge watch the show. Choose to watch one episode per week (like we used to do in the old-fashioned days!) which will give you and your partner something to look forward to and gives you an avenue to talk about next week’s episode to make guesses on what will happen.

Talk it Out
Speaking of talking, find Questions for Couples books/cards to start a conversation about interesting topics: If you find you mostly talk to your partner about work or the kids, there are plenty of resources available that give topic suggestions, quizzes, and conversation starters to help you learn more about your partner. You can find them at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Boxed Sets
There are TONS of activity box subscriptions out there right now, with activities ranging from murder mystery and escape room games to crafts like jewelry making and watercolor painting, to making specialty cocktails, cookies, and coffee; as well as trivia games, puzzles, and coloring books. The subscription boxes come with all supplies needed, even the craft ones include the tools necessary. Head online and search ‘Date Night Box’ and you will find plenty to choose from that will fit perfectly into your Date Night!

Skip the Takeout
Cooking together can also be a great activity to create (and eat!) something special. Find a recipe book, look up recipes online, and order in groceries to make a special meal (and perhaps a bottle of wine). If you cook a truly special meal, feel free to dress up for the occasion, as well, and dig out some candles to set the mood.

Get Moving
As they say, there’s an app for everything—and that includes exercising! Exercise is a fantastic way to be active with your partner and there are several fitness classes, workout subscriptions, and apps that you can bring right into your living room. Some require proper equipment (like a stationary bike) but others are just about the movements whether it’s cardio, strength training, high intensity interval workouts, dancing, or yoga. Check out Daily Burn, Peloton, CorePower on Demand, Glo, Barre3, Crunch Live to access classes.

Create an Epic Bucket List
What do you and your partner want to do/see/experience in your lifetime? Is it travel, education, technology, exploration? Put together a comprehensive bucket list that includes everything you want to do with your partner. From that list, you can set goals (ie, start saving money for that ultimate European vacation), set future dates (eg, by my 40th birthday, I want to have read 200 books), and dream together about things in your life together that excite you and motivate you.

—Claire Dougherty Kovacs

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