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Dear White People—One Moore Thing

I don’t care about what political platform you voted for in the past. I don’t care about what church you go to or if you don’t go at all. I don’t care about how big your house is.

I don’t care if your kids go to private or public school. I don’t care about whether or not you buy organic groceries or if you do your own hair or if you are counting the days until your favorite salon can get you in for an appointment again. Not that these things don’t matter at all, but there are things so much bigger and heavier that have always been in the room but we have tiptoed around to avoid or pretend that they don’t exist at all. 

When so much has been stripped from of us in 2020, what remains is really what should have always been significant.

I care about the core of your character.

I care if you spread love or hatred.

I care if you are a racist.

Right now, we are not living in a black vs. white society. We are living in a everyone vs. racism society.

There is no longer room to allow this continue in our lives. It is astonishing that we have allowed for it to continue for so long. But we have the power though through open minds to make a change.

Here is the thing: no matter what crime I commit, no matter how horrific it is, I will never ever as a white woman have a police officer put their knee to my neck to end my life while other police officers stand by and watch. I don’t live in fear that the same thing will happen to my white children as they grow older. If I get pulled over, I am not afraid. I don’t have a reason to be afraid based on the color of my skin. This is not the reality for black people. I will never have to understand that type of fear. I can’t even begin to understand what that type of fear truly feels like. I know other types of fear sure, but I will not be looked upon or treated differently based upon the skin I was born with and had zero control over.

But I can be an ally. With imperfect words and actions, I can still show up. And so can you.

There are ways that we can all help. Donate. Sign petitions. Use your voice. Protest. Vote. Listen to black stories. Support black businesses. Educate yourself. Educate your children. Share this or any other messages that say we are no longer allowing this to continue that should be shared. Do one or do them all. Just please, do something. We need the world to know that hatred will no longer be tolerated here. Not on our watch.

Silence is no longer an option.

In gratitude and solidarity,

A white female voter with a voice

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