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Design Daze at St. Anne’s School

Design Daze had students at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis spending the first week of January working in groups to plan, design, and build arcade games out of cardboard and other recycled materials.

They presented their creations in a student-led showcase on Friday, January 6 when excited students filed into the final event where all of the arcade games were ready to be tested and played by fellow students.

Sixth grade student, Riley Nelson describes her experience and the process her team went through to create their game. Her team plans did not always go as expected.

Students playing arcade games during Design Daze at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis

Planning, designing, testing and teamwork were all part of the Design Daze program said Karen Davis, Director of Innovation & Learning at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis. Students used recycled materials that were available at school and parents contributed some extra cardboard boxes. The end result was an afternoon filled with excitement and team pride in the arcade games created.

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