Develop a Workout Routine Using Youtube

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Let’s not sugar coat it, getting fit is a challenge, especially if you are not one of those people who can wake up at 3 in the morning and get an hour long workout done before breakfast…. 5 days a week. Kudos to those who can, but if you aren’t like that, all hope is not lost. There are ways to make it happen easier so it becomes a part of your routine. 

Set a Goal

If just working out is not an activity you looked forward to, finding a goal may help. Vague goals of getting “beach body” ready may not be enough to get you out of the bed early in the morning or off the couch in the evening. They can also be easy to fail and set unrealistic expectations. Place the focus on a measurable goal like completing a workout every day for a week. Just getting your body doing some activity daily will boost your confidence and help you begin to expand upon your goal. Maybe the next goal could be completing a full 10 push-ups or go bigger to running a half marathon.

Get into a Routine

Okay now that you’ve set a goal, let’s turn that goal into a routine. There are resources out there to help you get started, but Youtube is one of those resources where a lot of the planning is done for you.

Yes, they have a ton of workout videos and channels. So much so, that it can be overwhelming picking which one to use. However, to take the work out of that decision, we have found channels that either offer daily workout programs to follow or offer playlists based on the workout’s time. 

Use these daily fitness challenges to get your body moving in a regular routine. Some of these will start you out small, like 5-10 minutes a day, so that you are least likely to skip out. Others are more intense and will really make the most of the 20-30 minutes you can spare. 

If the idea of finding time to spend an hour or so in a gym makes your eyebrows rise, then these workout challenges you can do at home could be for you. 

Youtube Workouts

Week Challenges

14 Day Challenges

20-ish Day Challenges

30 Day Challenges

Make Your Own

Make your own workout playlist to follow each day. This requires a little of your screen time while sitting on the couch, but I promise it will be easy.

  • Create an account for Youtube.
  • Head over to your library where you will see the option to create Playlists. Here you can save videos you like or want to try according to how you want to group them. For example, you can create playlists for 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes workouts.
  • As you search through channels and find videos you like or might work for you, click on the three little dots in the right side of your screen, click “Save to Playlist” and select the playlist you want it to go to. You can group by workout type (HIIT, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga) or by time (under 10 minutes, 20 Minutes, 30 + minutes).

The goal here is to have these workouts at your fingertips so that you will be more likely to complete them. In addition to the channels above, below is a list of channels to checkout to get you started.

  • The FitGrit– variety of workouts to get you stronger and healthier
  • Juliette Wooten– get stronger with these daily workouts
  • Freedom at the Mat– tackling wellness for the body, mind and soul
  • Isa-Welly– not only workouts, but advice on to get a healthier body inside as well as outside
  • Heather Robertson– great workouts to get the most out of the time you have
  • Shona Vertrue– a variety to workouts from pilates, yoga and HIIT with humor to help you through
  • Yoga With Tim– workouts to help you perfect your yoga practice
  • Yogalates With Rashmi– combining yoga and pilates for a healthier you

Workout Challenge Calendars on Pinterest:

Pinterest also has a ton of workout calendars and challenges to follow. Create a board in your profile for workouts and start saving ones that appeal to you. Then you can follow that program on your phone or print it out and hang it on the fridge. 

Here are a few to get you started:

Cardio: 30 Day Cardio Challenge

Full Body Fitness: 30 Day Early Bird Workout Challenge

Upper Body: Push Up Challenge

Core: 30 Day Ab Challenge

More Fitness Challenges:

He + She Eat Clean provide a great resource of fitness calendars you can use to get stronger.

Let us know which channel you like the most or if you have a suggestion we don’t have here on our social media.