Get 3 to 5 times the performance of a Facebook or Google ad with Chesapeake Family Digital Advertising.

Tell your business story with interactive visual ads to a high traffic, high income, targeted digital audience. Below are a few examples of the interactive digital advertising we can offer you to get the most out of your marketing budget. 

New Interactive Ads Designed to Increase Reader Awareness

We know that digital advertising is unique for each business. This is why we have multiple options that can work best for your business. Explore a few of the many Digital Advertising options we have to offer below. Many can include interactive components to increase your audience engagement.

Featured Ad Styles

Photo Slideshow with Cube style

[broadstreet ad=”299123″]

Photo Slideshows

[broadstreet ad=”285177″]

Before & After Ads

[broadstreet ad=”38927″]

Scratch Off Ad

[broadstreet ad=”34662″]

Video Ad with YouTube or Video File

[broadstreet ad=”244886″]

Flip Ad on Hover

[broadstreet ad=”30348″]

[broadstreet ad=”299058″]

Additional website advertisement opportunities:
  • Unique Pop-up
  • In-story Ribbon Ad
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Call to Action (can include a direct link to your phone number)

  • Interviews/Podcasts (exclusive and/or sponsorship)
  • Digital Magazine
  • Billboard Ads as page sponsorship. See ad at top of page

Digital Magazine

This easy to read and interactive digital magazine goes beyond the typical PDF. Emailed out monthly with a focus on family and lifestyle, the advertising possibilities in this format allows us to include direct links, video, interactive galleries and even website frames so your website becomes your ad. Browse through the example below and then reach out to us to see how we can make your advertisement more effective.

For more options and a custom digital advertising plan, click below.

Explore potential Sponsorship Pages

Does your business want to focus their marketing on a specific field? We offer targeted advertising options that allow your business to be featured on pages that relate most to you. Whether you choose a standard tower ad or an impactful billboard ad, we can make sure your ad stays focused on your target audience.

Digital Advertising Pricing

We offer detailed reporting so you can track the success of your marketing.

Web ads

starting at $699/month

Digital magazine full page ads

starting at $599/month

Standard Web Ad Sizes

Banner Ad- 720 px by 90 px

Banner Ad Example, 720 px by 90 px

Double Banner Ad- 900 px by 300 px

Double Banner Ad Example, 900 px by 300 px

Tower Ad- 300 px by 250 px

Tile ad- 300 px by 100 px (used only on sponsored content for 100 Days of Summer and Holiday Countdown)

Tile Ad Example, 300 px by 100 px

Double Tower Ad- 300 px by 600 px

Double Tower Ad Example, 300 px by 600 px