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Do People Read the Business Emails You Send?

If you’re in business you probably spend considerable time and effort gathering prospect contact information, in particular e-mail addresses. email with text that is too small to read

E-mail is efficient and reaches your specific audience without wasting money by casting a large net to catch only a few fish. So if you aren’t building your e-mail list what are you waiting for?

Once you start sending out e-mails are you sure people can read them?

We send e-mails to our business advertisers and to our consumer readers.

Take a guess at how many consumers are opening the e-mails we send them on their phones – 67%. That’s right two-thirds. Even our business e-mails are averaging around 33% opened on phones, so it is very important that we use an e-mail template and font size that works on both a desktop and a phone.

Have you looked at the e-mails you send on a phone? Is the type big enough to easily read?

I’m going to be in the market for a new car soon and started pricing the model I was interested in. Email that is easy to readI received a lot of email messages from dealers within a 50 mile radius of me who were very eager to sell me a car. But guess what? I couldn’t read more than half of the emails that were sent to me. As I scrolled through the emails while I was waiting for dinner I clicked delete on the ones I couldn’t read. My husband laughed as I went, delete, delete, delete.

Test your email message on a mobile phone before you send it out. Is the font large enough to read? Is it easy to read? Verdana is a good font for mobile and 16 point is probably the minimum size you want to use. Take a look at the samples here. Which email would you read?

Now consider what you send out and take the extra step of actually checking your email on your phone before you send it to your entire list. You’ll be happy you did when you get more business.

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