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Dog Bite Prevention Week aims to protect children

Be a responsible dog owner

• Obedience training can teach a dog to behave properly and help owners control their dogs.

• When letter carriers and others who are not familiar with your dog come to your home, keep your dog inside, in another room away from the door.

• In protecting their territory, dogs may interpret people’s actions as a threat.

• Spay or neuter your dog. Neutered dogs are less likely to roam.

• Dogs that receive little attention or handling, or are left tied up for long periods of time, frequently turn into biters.

If Bitten

§ Rinse the bite area with soapy water.

§ Elevate limb(s) that have been bitten.

§ Apply antiseptic lotion or cream. Watch the area for signs of infection for several days after the incident.

§ For deeper bites or puncture wounds, apply pressure with a clean bandage or towel to stop the bleeding. Then wash the wound, dry it and cover with a sterile dressing. Don’t use tape or butterfly bandages to close the wound.

§ It’s a good idea to call your child’s physician because a bite could require antibiotics or a tetanus shot. The doctor also can help you to report the incident.

§ If your child is bitten severely, call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room.

§ When going to the emergency room, advise the personnel of:

− your tetanus vaccination status;

− vaccine status of the dog;

− who the dog owner is; and,

− if the dog has bitten before.

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