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Dragging your kids kicking into what you love to do — FranklyStein

Maggie Stein, triathleteThere was something a little bit daunting about sending my 14-year-old daughter into a muckie, goose poop filled lake last Sunday morning to fend for herself against hundreds of competitive triathletes.

I’m not sure where the idea originated. It was probably my husband. He’s always coming up with crazy suggestions but most of the time, the kids ignore his ideas. This one stuck.

The idea surfaced last year when I was part of a relay team a friend put together for the Columbia Triathlon — an Olympic distance event that includes a mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 10K run. Someone pitched the idea of a family team with Maggie swimming, me biking and Chris running.

It was a fun idea in theory. Maggie was enthusiastic for the most part. But then we started hearing stories about how cold the lake was and what a mind game the swim could be. I was a little worried and so was she. She opted against a practice swim in the lake the week before the event for fear she wouldn’t want to get back in. It sounded like a reasonable excuse to me. I’ve been in that lake — it’s not pleasant.


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