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Early reading with the “My First Book” series — Baby Booty

myfirstbookGetting an infant or toddler to sit still while you read a book is no easy feat. Even if the book is 10 pages, it’s like wrangling a snake to keep a wiggly toddler still long enough to hear a story.

Despite the wiggliness, getting them started early has so many benefits. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that pediatricians encourage parents to start reading to their children as early as possible.

Our mom testers recently had the chance to check out the “My First Book” series by Sophie Helenek, an elite athlete who has climbed Mt. Everest, and reviews were mixed.myfirstbook2

The series includes books titled “Fruits,” “Sky Wonders,” “Shapes” and “Musical Instruments.” All are simple, bright and colorful books meant to grab the attention of a budding bookworm. The books are high contrast featuring black and white, and bold contrasting illustrations to promote visual stimulation.

Mom tester Erin Waite, however, said she was not a fan. “The letters are all different colors so the words didn’t really stand out,” she said. A few other moms agreed, but they did enjoy the simplicity of the books, and the fact that they were quick to read with little ones

The books only have one item for every two pages so it wasn’t really attention grabbing. For some simple may be better, however.

According author Sophie Helenek “These books are not for parents, they are for their beautiful babies — to learn and grow.”

The My First Book series is available at Amazon.com, as well as other booksellers.

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Originally from New England, Heidi and her husband settled in Annapolis in 2010. Nowadays, when she’s not chasing her overly-energetic toddler son around, she works as a marketing manager for a local boutique marketing agency and is involved in the Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. Outside of the office, you can often find Heidi hunting for the next great deal in baby gear, training for a race or enjoying her family and all of the food and culture the greater Annapolis area has to offer.

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