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Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years…By Going Digital

On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans took to the streets, demanding change on our government’s part, and beginning the environmental change movement as we know it today.

In 1970, the world was facing crazy amounts of pollution, from smog-filled cities to rivers filled with debris, oil spills and other blatant displays of disregard for our planet’s well being.

50 years later, The Earth Day Network is bigger and more active than ever, and has been planning on the Great Global Cleanup event to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. Of course, with the current pandemic, the group had to switch gears a bit, and has instead organized an epic Digital Earth Day!

The Earth Day Network is calling the event “a global digital mobilization . . . to address the most urgent threats to people and the planet.”
The result will be an Earth Day unlike any other, and will include virtual events such as protests, social media campaigns, online teach-ins across different platforms (follow and use the hashtags #EarthDay2020 and #EARTHRISE to see the events unfold).

In addition, the group has created the Earth Day Challenge 2020, which is slated to be the “world’s largest ever coordinated citizen science campaign.” 

By using the new Earth Challenge 2020 app, supporters can gather data about their local environment, record observations and compare them with with others using interactive maps. There are also guided activities, and suggestions for how to take environmental action in
your community.

Get the app today at earthchallenge2020.earthday.org.

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