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Earth Friendly Toiletries to Take on Vacation

Now that the vacation season is picking up, getting the necessary toiletries ready to travel with you can be a little overwhelming. Trying to balance staying within the 3-3-1 rules from TSA but using great products for you and the earth can feel like an either/or situation. We’ve come up with a list of a few ideas to help you pack for your next adventure while reducing packaging waste and the use of not so great ingredients. We listed earth friendly toiletries to take on vacation that will help you stay within airline regulations as well as being good for your body. 

So open up that duffle bag and let’s start packing some earth friendly toiletries for your next vacation!

Hair Toiletries

So this is definitely one of those areas where you have to explore products that work for your hair type. Luckily, so many companies are offering an array of products to help your locks stay lovely and healthy.

Shampoo Bar:

Shampoo bars have been picking up steam lately and it’s no wonder. Not only are they more earth-friendly with less packaging, but they last longer and allow you to apply the soap where you need it most. Here are a few shampoo bars to try.

Conditioner Bar:

It might be strange at first using a condition bar if you have always used the liquid version, but it’s definitely worth a try. Instead of adding too much, weighing your hair down, the bars allow you to apply where needed.

Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoos usually come in an aerosol can, but here are a few that take a different approach. Don’t forget to bring a little of this along to help you stretch out the time in between washes or to refresh your hair after a night of fun.

Body Toiletries

Hand Washing:

It’s so important to keep your hands clean while you travel, but there are times when soap is not available and sanitizer won’t cut it. Bring some of these soap sheets along so no matter where you are, you can keep your hands clean.

Body Soap:

Some shampoo bars also work great for your body, but if you would like to keep them separate or want something a little different, check out these lovely soaps that are sure to keep you clean.

TIP: If you have a favorite body soap bar, but it’s too large to tote around, check out this tutorial on how to cut soap bars into more travel friendly sizes so you can easily take it on vacation.

Travel Containers for Bar Soap

With a lot of the focus on bar soaps, you might be wondering how to pack them. Traveling with bars of soap doesn’t have to be a mess. If you would rather not use that plastic baggie, check out these great containers that help keep your bar from drying out, getting goopy and getting other items messy.

Teeth Toiletries


If you never stepped outside the travel size tube, then here’s your chance. Alternatives for toothpaste in the tube have been popping up everywhere. Considering how much a travel size toothpaste tube cost for the amount inside, these earth friendly options are worth giving a try on your next vacation to see if they work for your routine.

Toothpaste Tablet

These tablets might take a little getting used to, but work great to make sure you use the correct amount and have enough for your trip.

Tooth Powder

Powder was around long before the paste hit the scene, but fell out of favor. It’s making a comeback now for its quick and easy use. Wet your toothbrush, dip it in the powder and start brushing your teeth.


Keep your breath fresh with these tablets. All you need is 20 ml of water to dissolve the tablet in and can begin swishing. The Humankind mouthwash includes a container and silicone cap to store the tablets for travel.

Laundry Toiletries

During your travels, you might find that you need to do some laundry and refresh your clothes. If that’s the case, these laundry sheets are easy to pack and will allow you to get your outfits smelling great in no time. Their zero plastic or zero waste packaging help to be more earth friendly.

Find more earth friendly toiletries

Search reputable companies and ask friends

Earth friendly toiletries are becoming much easier to find and more affordable. Even replacing one of your traditional items with one of these products can make a big difference. Many companies like Public Goods and The Earthling Co. offer a variety of products to help you travel while reducing waste. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family about earth friendly toiletries they use. Do you already use earth friendly toiletries? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out our favorite Earth Friendly Products that you can use all year long and are worth the buy.


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