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Easing the transition to preschool

preschoolprepHLEasing the transition to preschool

By Kristy MacKaben

The first day of preschool couldn’t come fast enough for Dana Sarro’s 4-year-old son. Excited to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers, he eagerly anticipated his first day at Calvary Center Preschool in Annapolis and enjoyed the preschool orientation with the teachers.

But when the first day of school arrived, he was miserable. He was OK when he left the car, but his teachers said it went downhill from there.

“He cried most of the day,” Sarro says. “It was a difficult time for him.”

While some kids jump into preschool with gusto and barely look back to wave goodbye, others have trouble adjusting to a different routine and being away from loved ones. Whether separation anxiety is to blame or just difficulty adapting to new situations, some children take longer to adjust.

To ease the transition for your preschooler and find out what to expect as things progress, read our story Preparing for the preschool transition

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