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Easton teen lives with the super senses of synesthesia

Could you have synesthesia?

Synesthesia, pronounced sin-uhs-THEE-zha, is a rare brain condition that combines two or more of the body’s five senses. Dr. Richard Cytowic and his colleague, David Eagleman, developed a battery of tests to help people determine if they could have synesthesia.

Initial questions include:

  • Do numbers or letters cause you to have a color experience? Example: Does the letter J “mean” yellow to you? Or does “5” make you perceive purple?
  • Do weekdays and months have specific colors? Example: Does July always mean navy blue to you? Is Wednesday always orange?
  • Do you imagine or visualize weekdays, months and/or years as having a particular location in space around you? Example: Is September always located two feet in front of you to the left?
  • Does hearing a sound make you perceive a color? Example: Does a shrill car horn cause you to see the color green? Does C sharp make you see pink?
  • Do certain words trigger a taste in your mouth? Example: Does the name “Derek” taste like earwax?
  • Do you feel a sense of touch when you smell things? Example: Does the smell of coffee make you feel as though you are touching a cold glass surface?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may experience some forms of synesthesia. For more information, or to take the full battery, visit synesthete.org.

Family photo of the Fisher family above by Kristine George of Storybook Studios

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