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Easton teen’s super sensory powers

SynesthisiaFishers webEaston teen’s super sensory powers


Eli Fisher has what he calls a “superpower.”

When the 13-year-old Easton resident awakens every morning and feels his blanket, he tastes bananas.

When he reads the numbers 2, 7 and 8 on a math test, he sees them in orange, blue and purple, respectively – even though they are printed in black.

And when he sees something dark green, he feels angry. But when he sees lime green, he feels calm.

Eli has Synesthesia, a rare brain condition that combines two or more of the body’s five senses.

“It’s a big mix of sensory experiences all jumbled together into one big taste or smell when I look at something,” he says.

Experts estimate about 4 percent of the population has synesthesia, including performers Billy Joel and Pharrell Williams. Some “synesthetes” hear colors. Others smell noises or, like Eli, see numbers as colors and associate tastes with different objects or words.

To read more about Eli and how his superpower was diagnosed, check out the whole story Easton teen lives with the super senses of synesthesia


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