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Easy Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

To most owners of growing businesses, even those who embrace Web site advertising, search engine marketing (SEM) holds all the appeal of a root canal without Novocain. A new study by the Microsoft Advertising adCenter found that to business owners, even tax season is less intimidating than a search campaign, despite new tools that make the process painless. Among their chief concerns: selecting and bidding on the most appropriate keywords, the perceived cost, and a general lack of confidence in their ability to carry out an SEM plan. Yet among small businesses that do use search marketing, 72 percent said they have seen an increase in sales inquiries, and nearly 68 percent consider their SEM efforts successful.

In the past year, Microsoft adCenter, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Search Marketing have simplified the SEM process. Even a total technophobe can do it. But if SEM still gives you the shivers, here are some easier ways to drive more customers and prospects to your Web site:

  • Search for linking opportunities.
  • Links from other sites boost your site’s prominence.
  • Post advice-laden articles on your site and disseminate them through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
  • Send more press releases, with links to customized landing pages, as that can greatly improve your search engine rankings.
  • Tap into social media. Tools in place enable very accurate identification, targeting, and segmentation of audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Just be sure you understand the etiquette of each channel.
  • Place your Web site’s URL in as many places as possible. That includes your email signature and all social and business networking sites.
  • Add a “refer-a-friend” link on your Web site. You’ll enable interested prospects and enthusiastic customers to do your marketing for you.

Edited by Ken Beaulieu

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