EcoAdventures offers wild animals, education and fun


EcoAdventures5WExploring EcoAdventures’ offerings

EcoAdventures has three activity rooms, each with its own habitat theme.

The Underwater Cave Room is where arts and crafts and messy experiments take place. Murals adorn the walls and several aquariums feature local and exotic animals. The African Room is located upstairs and is mostly used for corporate events and photo opportunities. Visitors can have their picture taken with an exotic animal in front of a screen that makes it look like they are in the rainforest, on an African safari or even underwater.

The Rainforest Room, the largest of the three, is where much of the programming and animal encounters take place. The python, Gigantor, lives in this room (don’t worry, he’s well contained) and an enclosure mimics the edge of a riverside where a crocodile, an alligator or a large snapping turtle may be hanging out. The Rainforest Room hosts everything from toddler drop-in classes to after-school programs to evening family lectures.

EcoAdventures offers an array of educational experience including drop-in days, Friday night drop-off programs, Rainforest yoga classes, family fun nights, sleep overs in the Rainforest, guest speakers, field trips, camps and school outreach. A Therapeutic Explorers program pairs a certified special education teacher and children with special needs. Teacher training sessions are held twice a month to encourage teachers to add more conservation concepts into the classroom. And soon, EcoAdventures hopes to offer family ecotourism trips to places such as the Florida Keys and Costa Rica.

Photos courtesy of EcoAdventures