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Editor’s Note

New Year, New Challenges

I’m pretty sure the Cliché Police will arrest me if I don’t spend my January editor’s note talking about New Year’s resolutions. The problem is I’ve never been very big on them. Who wants to exercise when the weather is nasty? Who wants to eat healthier when the only thing that sounds good is a massive amount of macaroni and cheese? I’ll exercise in the spring, when it’s warm enough that you don’t feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach every time you walk outside. I’ll eat healthy in the summer, when strawberries taste like strawberries, and not some plastic idea of a strawberry.

I’ve long accepted that there are certain things about myself that will never change. I will never balance my checkbook (Why would I? I keep track of everything online anyway.) I will never be capable of getting the clean, folded laundry out of the basket and into my drawers in less than five days. I will always ignore the litter box until the cats begin marching in a circle, wearing tiny gas masks and holding signs saying “UNFAYR TO CATZ.”

But I do respect those who make positive changes for themselves at any time of the year, which is why I’m so impressed with the Allen family of Crofton, who were chosen to be the Spotlight Family for our 2008 Chesapeake Family challenge. We’ve constructed a year-long project in which the Allens—and any reader who wishes to participate—will work with a local expert on a different aspect of wellness. This month we’re introducing you to the family; next month they’ll start taking a hard look at their nutrition. As the challenge progresses, we’ll have lots of web-only content available to help you and your family make positive changes at chesapeakefamily.com.

We’re beginning to make some changes, as well. Be sure to take a look at our new Mind, Body, Spirit section, a new monthly feature that will focus not only on feeling good, but looking good. Our new writer Deeanna Franklin Campbell will be rounding up the latest in medical and health news; we’ve also introduced beauty coverage to help you look your best. We’ve also started a “For Parents Only” suggestion in our calendar of events, where Karen Gaspers chooses a local event worth a sitter.

Of course, we’ll still maintain our excellent features. This month, Jennifer Murphy takes a look at kids and cold medicine in light of the FDA’s recent decision to pull all children’s cold medicine from shelves. Joyce Heid explains how those “unavoidable” bumps and bruises are pretty avoidable, after all, and Ann Muder examines how stress helps prepare our kids for life.

As always, I welcome your suggestions and feedback at [email protected]

Best wishes,
Kristen Page-Kirby
[email protected]


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