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My grandmother on my father’s side and I had one experience together with computers—I installed a bridge program on her laptop (how she got a laptop, I have no idea). Two days later, she asked me if I could get her a different program, as her partner in this one was “too stupid.” All of us with grandparents are lucky—they give us a connection to our history, our heritage, and they typically know how to annoy our parents in wonderful ways. My mother’s mother tortures her in exactly the same ways my mom tortures me; it’s like our own hilariously painful version of the circle of life. I’m fortunate to have two grandmothers still living; I’m less fortunate that both of them live in the Midwest, making visiting difficult. Perhaps I should send them a copy of Carolyn Jabs’ article “Creating a Wired Grandparent” so that we can connect electronically. I’m sure that my Grandma Marge would appreciate an online bridge community, where the partners are more up to her standards.

Vacations are always a great way of bringing families together, even if that togetherness is marred by backseat battles. “Military vacation” might conjure up ideas of running through mud or clambering over walls. But Jennifer Murphy, thanks to her mother’s Department of Defense connection, got a glimpse into the hidden world of military resorts—established so our fighting men and women can take their families on much-needed vacation on what are often bare-bones salaries.

On a more serious note, Kayleigh Kulp’s piece on Maryland’s struggle with parents who drink and drive is not only a must-read, but a must-remember as the festive holiday season approaches. Learning that most “problem drinkers” in the state now fall in the 31-40 age range—ages that surely include some parents—will, I hope, make at least one parent pause and think before buckling their kids into the car seat after having “just a few.”

To wrap things up, Brian Kantz’s imaginative “Toddler Complaint Line” is a tongue-in-cheek look at what kids would say if parents had an 1-800 number dedicated to all of the inconveniences that come with being under three feet tall.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers!

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