Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is designed to educate curious visitors of all ages about Annapolis’s rich maritime heritage and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay, particularly the Bay’s all-important oyster and its harvesters.

Situated on the waterfront, the Museum provides the perfect setting for visitors to engage in interactive experiences that highlight the oyster and its role in shaping the history and the maritime culture of Annapolis.  Learn how to harvest oysters, climb aboard a locally built workboat, or wade into one of the only public beaches in Annapolis.   Artifacts as well as an 850-gallon oyster tank are on display to give visitors an understanding of the historic maritime culture that has made Annapolis what it is today. 

Explore the Chesapeake Bay! Bring your class to AMM for a day of discovery. The Museum offers both on-site field trips and off-site outreach programs that are designed to meet Maryland STEM, science, and environmental literacy standards. These programs can be customized and tailored to any group, or can be combined for a full day experience.


723 Second Street, Annapolis,
Anne Arundel
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