Meadowside Nature Center

Meadowside Nature Center offers weekday programs for school groups, scouts and other organized groups.

Discovering Wildlife

    Exploring Habitats
    Plants and animals need food, water, shelter and space. Students will investigate the four elements of a good habitat. Find out how human beings affect and are affected by natural habitats. Learn what we can do to protect the “homes” of our wildlife neighbors. Explore several outdoor habitats and look for signs of the animals that live there.
    Grade Level: Preschool – 2nd    

    Adaptations and Survival
    Discover adaptations, life cycles, patterns, food availability, and survival strategies for wildlife that call Montgomery County home. Teachers request an emphasis on amphibians/reptiles, insects/bugs, birds, or butterflies.
    Grade Level:  Preschool - 4th

    Adaptations and Energy Flow: It Came From Above (Birds of Prey)
    What makes birds of prey such successful hunters? Learn about food webs and the adaptations of these magnificent predators. Discover what they teach us about the world they inhabit. Learn about their feeding habits through an owl pellet dissection activity.
    Grade Level: 4th – 12th

Physical Science

    Changing Seasons
    Fall, winter, spring, and summer—each season has its own blend of natural events and weather. Compare and contrast the characteristics of each season, and go outdoors and search for signs of the season. Learn about the many ways people, plants, and animals are affected and adapt to weather and seasonal change.
    Grade Level: Preschool  - 1st

People and Places

    Human Activity Over Time:  Native Ways
    Experience the daily life of Eastern Woodland Indians as they lived in our area over 1,000 years ago. Explore where they found shelter, how they prepared food, what they wore, and children’s roles. Discover the importance of certain plants and animals, and how deeply the Woodland Indians were connected to the natural world. Learn how they obtained tools, clothing and food from plants, animals, bones and stones.
    Grade Level: Preschool – 4th

    Celestial Patterns and Navigation: Geocache Adventure
    Journey to the planets by embarking on your own geocaching adventure along the meadows, forest, and streams of Rock Creek Regional Park.  Each geocache along the journey is filled with fun facts about our solar system.
    Grade Level: 5th – 12th

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