Oregon Ridge Nature Center

Educational Field Trip Themes

H a b i ta ts
Identify the living spaces of the park and who lives there. Explore trails, wildlife, and habitat needs of
the forest, stream, and meadow community.
Insects and Their Kin
Discover the diverse realm of insects and pollinators. Hike to observe hoppers, crawlers, swimmers and fliers in different habitats.
Maple Sugaring
Experience the traditional techniques of making maple sugar. Learn the history, tree identification, tapping, and collecting methods from the past to the present. (February and March)
Native Americans in Maryland
Investigate the world of the woodland Algonquian natives and their use of natural resources through hands-on stations. Who were they? How did they live?
Predator and Prey
Study the interrelationships between predator and prey through close-up observation. Our outdoor encounters will reveal special wildlife survival adaptations

Reptiles and Amphibians
Meet and differentiate reptiles and amphibians among other animals that inhabit the park. On the trails, discover where they live, what they eat, and how they protect themselves.
Rocks Rock!
Examine identification techniques for rocks and minerals and how they affect our daily lives through hands-on stations. Explore the mining past of Oregon Ridge and the lasting affects of our actions.
Seasonal Hikes
Investigate the natural world of plants and animals during the changes of the season. Take a hike to witness these changes first hand, such as nesting, migration, and seed dispersal.
Stream to Chesapeake Bay
Delve into a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Analyze the creatures that inhabit the stream and indicate the quality of the water by what we uncover.

School Programs are offered Tuesday- Thursday.
Scout programs are offered after school Tuesday- Friday and during the day Saturday and Sunday.
School groups are limited to 55 students maximum, 10 students minimum.
School trips are scheduled at 10AM and last 2 hours (Pre-K=1hour).
Teachers must participate in the program and have a 10 students : 1 adult ratio.
1 program per organization, per season.
Groups may visit the Nature Center on a self-guided basis, but must notify the center in advance.


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Baltimore County
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