Terrapin Adventures

Our School – Youth Group adventure programs provide lessons not learned in traditional classrooms as they build confidence and fitness. While enjoying the great outdoors your students will be entertained and educated by our aerial adventure guides about the Chesapeake Bay watershed, some local history, and what we can do to protect the environment.

Why Choose Terrapin Adventures?
Terrapin Adventures understands that children are striving to compete in school, music, sports, and extra curricular activities and that can be stressful. Our facility is like no other in Maryland and we can go off-campus as needed with our bags of fun. Our team leaders have many years of experience working with school age groups. Your program will be personalized to your groups needs.

Why It Works?
Our programs focus on fun and having kids work together to learn. Through carefully designed uplifting activities, bridges to communication are built, cooperation is improved, and creative problem solving is unleashed. Participants will be encouraged to bend boundaries and extend comfort zones to expand their potential. TA operates under the concept of “challenge by choice” so rest assured that team members will not be asked to do things that are not comfortable.

School – Youth Group Team Building Programs 
Each program will start the day with some icebreaker activities. Afterwards, students will be divided into teams of approximately 10-15.

Our Facilities
Terrapin Adventures Experiential Learning Programs will provide comfortable indoor space, safe and exhilarating outdoor courses, healthy high-energy food and clean modern rest rooms. We can accommodate up to 175 children during the day.

8600 Foundry St #50, Savage,
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