Glenn L Martin Aviation Museum

Home to the world's oldest airport, three major aircraft manufacturers and many smaller ones, the first commuter airline, and countless other aviation innovations, Maryland has a rich aviation and space heritage.

The Museum has collected over a dozen aircraft, thousands of reels of motion picture films, plans, documents, research models, aircraft tools, and components; and a gigantic indexed collection of more than 200,000 aviation and company photographs. These archives have supported documentary films and numerous publications. Without the efforts of the Museum, these research materials would not be available to the public; many of the collection's artifacts would have been destroyed.

The Museum's educational efforts seek to inspire visitors - particularly young people. The Museum's core exhibits are supplemented by rotating displays. The Museum's educational mission provides a superb monthly SPEAKER SERIES featuring notable speakers on important aerospace topics. Thousands of visitors have toured the Museum or attended the lectures. They include school groups, aviation enthusiasts and professionals, veterans, and senior citizens.

701 Wilson Point Rd, Baltimore,
Baltimore County
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