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Does your child have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? — Learning Foundations

Frustrated StudentIn today’s world, everything is fast paced. Electronic communication gives us no down time. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for “snail-mail” communication before we respond.

As adults we hear, “Did you get my email?” or “Did you get my text?” with the unstated question being, when are you going to respond? Gone are the days when you have three days from when you pay a bill with a check to when it is cashed. Our children’s lives are not any slower or easier. Immediate reinforcement, bells and whistles on infant and toddler toys, and over scheduling children’s free time to ensure they have every advantage are the norm. Who sits still anymore?

How to help your child learn language — Learning Foundations

Mom Baby talkYour baby's language development begins early in life, and often we do not consider the complexity of this process and the subtleties of its development.

We know that one of the things we do with language is to understand and say words, but how and why does this happen? Language development begins with shared attention between infant and caregiver. Babies learn in infancy that language, both verbal and gestural, helps to control the behavior of the caregiver. That’s one of the reasons babies learn to cry purposefully — to get their needs met. They also learn the value of smiles early – the adult response is very pleasurable and so babies “know” how to charm their way into the hearts of their caregivers and any attending adult.

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