Students create new mural at Bates Middle

Bates Middle muralThere's a new mural at Bates Middle School that speaks to the international students in the area and their families.

In January the International Student Services Office team project coordinator, Tanya St. John, and Bates Middle School Performing and Visual Arts Program Specialist, Lottie Porch, began collaborating with local muralist Joey Tomassoni to develop a concept for a mural that would speak to the international students and their families registering into Anne Arundel County Public Schools through the ISSO.


11 Bates students paint mural

Porch chose 11 young PVA program artists to work on the project with Tomassoni. With his guidance, these images blossomed into a stunning work of art on the wall of the International Student Services Office.

"The ISSO is the gateway to education for children from all over the world coming into Anne Arundel County Public Schools and now we have a real welcome sign," says St. John. "Mr. Tomassoni and the PVA students created an amazing work of art that will be enjoyed by many for years to come!"

The ISSO Mural was officially unveiled on May 18 during the PVA Showcase at Bates Middle School, where parents of students had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the creativity and hard work their children have been committed to throughout the year.

Bates students who worked on the project include: seventh graders, Ben Wood, Maya
Willey and and Eerric Hinton and eighth graders Jordan Connor, Jessica Viar, Graciela Garcia, Gwyn Evans,William Fisher, Makhayla Downs, Sandy Berkowitz and Margo Wittelsberger.