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Expert Portfolios

Expert Portfolios are a custom designed and linked landing page on ChesapeakeFamily.com, focused on specific topics for which the advertiser is the expert. This landing page links to a collection of related and interlinked stories written especially to showcase the advertiser expertise. The Portfolio offers a comprehensive overview of select topics chosen by the advertiser and sought after by our readers/your audience. It is among one of the premier content marketing strategies that establishes the advertiser as an expert and drive traffic to your website. 

See an example for the Home & Garden Industry

Features & Benefits of an Expert Portfolio

  • Big SEO value!
  • Establishes you as an authority
  • Provides sustainable storytelling
  • Delivers reader engagement with more time spent on a page.


  1. Prominent “Sponsored by” branding on your landing page.
  2. Digital Display and inline article ads linking to your website.
  3. Landing Page promoted in social media during specified months.
  4. Landing page content featured in specified monthly targeted e-newsletter
  5. Option to geographically expand e-newsletter reach

See an example for Health Care Professionals

Contact Donna: [email protected] for pricing and more information

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