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Expert tips for buying the right toys for the kids on your list

toysBefore you go out and buy just any toy for the children on your list this holiday season, think about what toys might be best in helping them learn and develop while having fun.

The American Occupational Therapy Association offers some tips for selecting toys that will make the most of playtime. Playing is an essential activity that facilitates a child’s social, physical, and cognitive development, all while having a good time. It is often through play that children learn to make sense of the world around them, according to a release from the AOTH.

“Selecting a toy can be overwhelming,” says Sandra Schefkind, pediatric coordinator at the American Occupational Therapy Association. “These guidelines help consumers to be more contemplative about play when selecting a toy and can help them to evaluate a toy rather than making a knee-jerk purchase based on packaging or where an item is placed on the shelf.”

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