Explore Miles of Hiking Trails at Wye Island


Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area has miles of trails through the woods that are easily accessible and great for families wanting an adventure. 

Quick Look at Wye Island NRMA

Address: 632 Wye Island Rd, Queenstown
Phone: (410) 827-7577
Website: dnr.maryland.gov
Admission: FREE
Hours: Sunrise to sunset daily
Pets: Dogs are welcome on a leash
Note: Limited amenities, only portapotties

There is one dirt road that accesses all 2,450 acres of Wye Island. The land is managed by the Maryland Park Service for recreation and as a suitable habitat for wintering waterfowl populations and other native wildlife. Located off of Route 50 about 20 miles east of the Bay Bridge, Wye Island is quiet and relatively flat with planted fields There are several portapotties on the island but no other amenities. 

There are six miles of hiking trails on the island. Drive all the way to the end of the dirt road and park at the fence to access the entrance to the Ferry Point Landing Trail. Twisted Osage Orange tree branches hang over the trail and in the summer provide a beautiful canopy. Walk all the way to the end of the trail and you will reach a small sandy beach at Drum Point. There is a picnic table under the trees that has a beautiful view of the water. 

The Holly Tree Trail is a short walk to the oldest tree on the island – a nearly 300 year old holly. It’s been beaten down by the weather but still standing. Be gentle around the tree. You can continue walking around the field and along the edge of the water to link onto the Schoolhouse Woods Nature Trail, or drive to the trail head.

The Schoolhouse Woods Nature Trail has a few spots with wooden bridges through wet, marshy areas. The trail is surrounded by a little over 14 acres of old growth forest with beautiful ancient oaks, tulip trees, beech, holly and pines. And as an added bonus, there are markers along the trail identifying the names of the trees. The trail is a loop of about 1.2 miles.

Trails are easy. A jogging stroller will probably suffice but there might be a few areas where it will take a little extra effort to move forward. 

Aside from hiking, visitors can enjoy other recreational activities including fishing, hunting and boating. There is a soft launch near Granary Creek Picnic Area for non-motorized vessels. Kayakers can explore the beautiful shoreline and discover coves around the island.