Families gear up for BMX bike racing

Cheapeake BMX

BMX5HLFamilies gear up for BMX bike racing

BMX racing, or bicycle motocross, is one of the few sports where all family members can compete in sanctioned events, and there is a track right at Danza Park in Severn.

Riders of all ages can race against competitors in their own age and skill level at the same track on race night.

The ability for the whole family to participate is what attracted the Holley family of Severn to Chesapeake BMX.

“The family atmosphere appealed to us,” Lee Holley says. “It’s not always ‘win, win’ at the track. Everyone is very encouraging and every kid gets equal time,” he says.

Indeed, the motto of USA BMX is “No one sits on the bench.” Since races are divided by age and skill level, it’s possible for every rider to compete fairly.

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