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Family cultural fun at Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival

Take the kids to a free, family-friendly cultural celebration of live music, dance performances, world foods, artisan vendors, children’s activities and more at the Kinta Kinte Heritage Festival Sept. 24 in Annapolis.

kunta kinte festivalThe event honors and recognizes the cultural heritage of people of African descent. Kunta Kinte was a slave brought to Annapolis who kept his connection to his African heritage.

The event will take place at Susan Campbell Park at City Dock and the festival grounds will be transformed into an African Kraal (village) and Marketplace. There will be scents of African oils and musk, stories of the Griots, reading of poets as well as song and dance.

In the Children’s Tent kids can:

  • Make a spirit mask.
  • Use Adinkra symbols to make a head wrap.
  • Play a round of mancala.
  • Take part in spinning some Ananse tales.
  • Join in making rhythms with traditional instruments.

Entertainment will include storytellers, gospel singers, African dancers, drum ensembles and more.

The event will run 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and is free to the public. For details visit the Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival website.

For more weekend activities visit our events calendar.

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