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Family Fun to Engage your Family in the Winter Olympics

Excitement for the 2018 Winter Games is in the air as PyeongChang, South Korea prepares to be in the the global spotlight. Athletes from around the world are gathering to showcase their athletic talents and we have lots of family fun to engage your children in all things Olympic. 

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Korean Culinary Treats

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in another culture is to try the cuisine.  South Korea offers a variety of culinary delights, from Kalbi (Korean BBQ shortribs) to Kimchi Jun – a fried potatoe pancake there is something to please almost every palat. Fair warning, the weather in South Korea may be cold, but they like their food hot, a little on the spicey side as many of the recipes go heavy on the red chili powder. Lots of great recipes can be found at allrecipes.com and chowhound.com. 


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Stage your own Winter Olympics

Get creative and make up your own Winter Olympic events. Take sugar or ice cubes and see who can make the most creative scuplture. Put a fresh spin on the spoon and egg race and do a spoon and ice cube race. If we happen to get a little snow, have a snow ball shot put contest. If there is no snow, try making a snow ball out of shaved ice. Have hardwood or tile floors? Have an indoor “ice skating” or “ice dancing” competition. The possibilities are endless!


Free Downloadable Olympic Fun

Sonlight.com offers a free downloadable ebook with nine days of activities so your family can get to know the host country of South Korea. 

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Olympic Books for Kids

Follow along as Tacky the Penguin and his friends try to represent Team Nice Icey Land in Tacky and the Winter Games.


A Kid’s Guide to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games is for ages 8 to 12 years old and includes not only fun facts about the 15 sports of the Winter Olympics, but also gives readers the chance to get to know some of the athletes representing the United States at the games.

Kids Guide






















Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics when he is invited to referee and you can follow along as he heads on this adventure with his many friends.

Snowman Paul









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