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Family Movie Review: 21 Jump Street (R)

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MPAA Rating: R       Length: 109 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 16+. Prevalent cursing and sexually related humor; drug use and drinking by both teens and older adults; an implied sex scene in the post-film credits; and a bloody shootout.

’21 Jump Street’ knows it’s a remake, and unabashedly accepts those ramifications, ramping everything up to extravagant levels of humorous insanity. Forget the PSA feel of Johnny Depp’s old TV show—Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill reject all those notions in the zaniest, best of ways.

By Roxana Hadadi

We’re now in the third month of 2012, and March brings us Channing Tatum’s third starring role so far this year. January was action extravaganza “Haywire,” February brought the weepy romance “The Vow,” and March holds Tatum’s best so far this year, the wondrously absurd “21 Jump Street.” The remake has little in common with the ’80s-’90s TV show, but that’s a good thing.

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