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Family Movie Review: Austenland (PG-13)

Austenland ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewKernel Rating (out of 5): whole-popcorn-kernalhalf-popcorn-kernal

MPAA Rating: PG-13       Length: 97 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 13+. Some mild cursing and lots of sexually themed jokes, including a sexually charged performance of the hip-hop song “Hot in Herre,” as well as some implied sexual activity. It’s overall a lighter romantic comedy, though.

Does anyone who worked on ‘Austenland’ even like Jane Austen novels? The film’s extremely superficial portrayal of the woman’s work suggests no, and the film has very little other redeeming factors to make up for that oversight.

By Roxana Hadadi

“Austenland” is a bizarre little romantic comedy that won’t convince you of anything. It won’t convince you that director Jerusha Hess, producer Stephenie Meyer (yes, of “Twilight” fame), or even Shannon Hale, who wrote the novel that this film is based on, have particular affection for Jane Austen at all. It won’t convince you that Keri Russell’s character Jane does, either. And if you can’t be drawn into that world by either the creators of the story or the woman acting in it, what’s the point?

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