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Family Movie Review: Blue Jasmine (PG-13)

BlueJasmine ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewKernel Rating (out of 5): whole-popcorn-kernalwhole-popcorn-kernal

MPAA Rating: PG-13       Length: 98 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 15+. The film is rated PG-13, but it has some serious thematic material that will be better suited to older teenagers who were aware of the Bernie Madoff scandal or familiar with Tennessee Williams’ play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” There is some cursing; talk about sex, implied sexual content, relationship cheating, and attempted rape; and lots of drinking and self-medicating through prescription drugs. The film is being marketed as a dark comedy, but it’s far more tragically dramatic than that.

Woody Allen ratchets up his misanthropy in “Blue Jasmine,” his take on the Bernie Madoff scandal and the differences between the 1 percent and the other 99. Although Cate Blanchett is impressive in the leading role, overall the film feels bizarrely detached both from its characters and the real world.

By Roxana Hadadi

Woody Allen’s last critical darling, “Midnight in Paris,” had a surprisingly happy ending for the director—a rejection of delving too deeply into nostalgia, a recommendation for living in the present, for realizing the promise and potential of the world around us. But his latest, “Blue Jasmine,” is another thing entirely. The film is steeped in disdain for practically everyone and everything, defined by a refusal to find the good in anything. Why is this film being marketed as a comedy? It’s far more doom and gloom than that.

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