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Family Movie Review: Chimpanzee (G)

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MPAA Rating: G       Length: 78 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 6+. Very young kids may not get the emotional themes the documentary is trying to push, about adoption, family, and territorial chimp warfare. Speaking of that warfare—it’s edited so you don’t see much blood, but you do see chimpanzees hunting and eating monkeys, as well as chimps attacking each other.

Disneynature goes more cutesy than usual with ‘Chimpanzee,’ their flick following a young chimp named Oscar. Narrator Tim Allen provides more commentary than seems necessary, but there’s nothing wrong with some laughs on top of your education.

By Roxana Hadadi

It’s that time of year again: When Disneynature unleashes a documentary on us in honor of Earth Day, April 22. Last year, they gave us the majestic “African Cats,” a real-life version of “The Lion King,” and now we have “Chimpanzee.” Produced with the Jane Goodall Institute, “Chimpanzee” tracks young chimp Oscar as he grows up in the lush-yet-dangerous jungles of the Ivory Coast and Uganda. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful, as nature so often is—and thanks to narration from funny-man Tim Allen, quite funny, too.

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