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Family Movie Review: Ernest & Celestine (PG)

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MPAA Rating: PG          Length: 80 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 6+. The film is about an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse, and somewhat plays up the fearsomeness of a bear when it wants to—large jaws, fearsome bite, etc. Also some nightmares for the main characters that involve getting caught by the police for their crimes (which are breaking into a candy store and stealing a candy store van), but because the animation is so much like a children’s book, they aren’t very scary at all. Also one use of the word “damned.”

‘Ernest & Celestine’ is one of those rare children’s movies that is, quite honestly, flawless. A lovely tale about an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse that doesn’t have to incorporate modern-day slang, or romantic subplots, or garish visual effects to get its point across, it’s the best family movie for young children so far this year.

By Roxana Hadadi

The premise of “Ernest & Celestine” is simple enough: a bear named Ernest (voiced by Lambert Wilson) and a young mouse named Celestine (voiced by Pauline Brunner) aren’t supposed to be friends. He lives up above with other bears, and she lives below with other mice, and the two species don’t intersect. They never have, and they aren’t supposed to. But what kind of movie would this be if the protagonists didn’t break such archaic social rules? And it’s all the better for it.

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