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Family Movie Review: Finding Nemo 3D (G)

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MPAA Rating: G        Length: 100 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 4+. The intro to the movie’s plot, where Marlin loses his wife and most of his children, could be too sad for very young children, and there are some scary instances with Bruce, the great white shark. But ultimately, fine for everyone.

‘Finding Nemo 3D’ is Disney’s best use of postproduction 3-D yet, an absolutely beautiful foray into an underwater world where Marlin the clownfish still desperately wants to find his son Nemo, and all those other animals come to his aid, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll cry at the end. Now with more breathtaking visuals, and just as many tears.

By Roxana Hadadi

Disney is clearly bringing in the dough with converting its originally 2-D films into 3-D for theatrical re-release, but it’s hard to mind when the films are this good. Last year, “The Lion King 3D” was wonderful nostalgically but a little lacking in the actual 3-D; latest offering “Finding Nemo 3D” isn’t like that. Its depiction of the deep blue sea is now absurdly detailed and engrossing, adding a level of visual vigor that expands the film in an enjoyable way.


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