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Family Movie Review: Gravity (PG-13)

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MPAA Rating: PG-13        Length: 90 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 13+. Oh man, it’s terrifying. There is no sound in space, but that makes these collisions, crashes, debris, and explosions that much more intense—you can see them happening, but the cognitive dissonance between seeing something and not hearing the intensity of that ruin is quite jarring. Some characters die and their corpses are shown, including one particularly gross one with his face cleaved nearly in half, and survivors are in constant danger. Also some cursing; a few swigs from a vodka bottle; a half-hearted joke about a homosexual couple; and a lot of talk about how to react to and process impending death.

‘Gravity’ is horrifying, and ‘Gravity’ is excellent. It’s one of the scariest, but also most haunting and poignant, films to join this fall’s heating-up Oscars race.

By Roxana Hadadi

You already know the tagline for the 1979 horror film “Alien”: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” But “Gravity,” from director Alfonso Cuarón, who also co-wrote the film, puts a new spin on that old line—this time around, everyone will hear you scream at space, at the randomness of it, the hidden danger. It is a beautiful, awful place, and “Gravity” is a wonderful, haunting film.

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