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Family Movie Review: Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (G)

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MPAA Rating: G          Length: 39 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 6+. About lemurs and their evolution and life in Madagascar, the film covers some general science topics—how lemurs developed over millions of years, what they eat, how they interact with humans, etc. It’s all fairly straightforward and presented in a family-friendly way, with the kind of casual narration that Morgan Freeman always provides to these nature documentaries. The only “ew” moment might be when scientists are collecting lemur feces, but hey, it’s in the name of science!

Morgan Freeman lends his voice to the new IMAX documentary, ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,’ about the ancient primate. Although very pretty visually, it’s a bit too simplistic, bringing together a few subplots but not necessarily a cohesive narrative.

By Roxana Hadadi

Is it wrong that we’ve come to expect narratives within our nature documentaries? Probably; you can think films like “African Cats” and “Chimpanzee” for that. But that’s how we relate to reality, right, through stories? So the disconnect you may feel with new IMAX documentary “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” could be because it doesn’t follow that typical formula of “here’s an animal, here’s it’s challenging life, here’s how this story concludes, here’s why you should care about nature.” The documentary is more scatterbrained, which makes it less inviting—although visually, it’s as beautiful as you would expect from anything done with IMAX.

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