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Family Movie Review: Red 2 (PG-13)

Red2 ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewKernel Rating (out of 5): whole-popcorn-kernalwhole-popcorn-kernal

MPAA Rating: PG-13       Length: 116 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 13+. “Red 2” is your typical action movie, with lots of shootings and explosions but very little blood or gore; some discussion of drinking and smoking; some cursing; and some kissing, sexually themed humor, bathroom humor, and a nude butt. This film leans more toward comedy than its predecessor, but it’s not really pushing the boundaries in any way.

2010’s “Red” was a surprise hit, an action film for the older set that mixed some wry humor in with its explosives. But sequel “Red 2” dials down the energy and tries for a funnier, more spy-oriented tone, a disappointing change that makes the film disjointed, spotty, and mostly incoherent.

By Roxana Hadadi

At some point, maybe Bruce Willis will stop doing sequels—especially because he certainly doesn’t seem to want to be in “Red 2.” The film’s star just seems to be gritting his teeth and bearing it; “It will be over soon, won’t it?” is clearly what Willis was thinking, and the thought will pass through your mind, too.

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