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Family Movie Review: The Fluffy Movie (PG-13)

TheFluffyMovie ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewKernel Rating (out of 5): whole-popcorn-kernalwhole-popcorn-kernal

MPAA Rating: PG-13        Length: 101 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 13+. It’s a stand-up movie from comedian Gabriel Iglesias, with jokes about sex and homosexuals hitting on heterosexual men, the similarity of third-world countries, and the father who abandoned him. It’s not too cutting-edge, more relying on everyman humor than anything truly raunchy.

Comedian Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias brings his stand-up act to the big screen with ‘The Fluffy Movie,’ featuring material from a hometown stop during his most recent tour. But in trying to be every man, Fluffy fails to distinguish himself from the pack.

By Roxana Hadadi

Stand-up movies, like concert movies, need no general audience; they just need devoted fans. And to his admirers, comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” (the nickname is a nicer way to allude to his weight) Iglesias is an everyman. He jokes about food. He jokes about his family. He jokes about foreigners. And yet, while “The Fluffy Movie” opens with an explanation of his childhood, the overall experiences feels like one step forward, two steps back. Fluffy leads you into his life, and then tosses important things aside. There’s an appreciation for the people who have made him a star here, but no legitimate intimacy.

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