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Family Movie Review: The LEGO Movie (PG)

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MPAA Rating: PG        Length: 100 minutes

Age Appropriate For: 6+. The movie is really fast-paced, and therefore might be too rapidfire for very young viewers; at a recent press screening, more adults seemed to laugh than children. But actually questionable stuff is very slight; there’s some rude language, a couple of light romantic subplots; and some adventure violence, but it involves glue—so it’s not seriously harmful stuff.

Aside from intrinsically being an advertisement for LEGO products, ‘The LEGO Movie’ is actually shockingly good! Self-aware, fast-paced, and with a refreshing spin on the typically clichéd ‘you’re special!’ message for young viewers, it’s the first great family movie of 2014.

By Roxana Hadadi

Whoever could have expected that “The LEGO Movie” would not only be good, but actually fairly great? Witty, engrossing, and meticulous, the film surpasses not only my skepticism but also the reaction I had to “Frozen.” “The LEGO Movie” not only gets all the visual things right—it is bright and colorful, with an insane attention to detail—but it also does well with the typical “you’re special!” message so many family movies have. Sure, it’s a glorified commercial for LEGO products. But it’s a surprisingly affecting one.

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