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Family Movie Review: This is the End (R)

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MPAA Rating: R       Length: 107 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 17+. This film is clearly marketed toward teenage boys and yet is so, so inappropriate for them. Among other things, there is tons of cursing, tons and tons of drug use, various discussions of sexual acts and an implied one with a topless woman, rape jokes, lots of CGI-created male genitalia, and an extremely gross projectile vomiting sequence. I could keep going, but there’s too much; even if the film’s ultimate message encourages viewers to be better people, the movie is inundated with content that will be too much for younger teens.

‘This is the End’ layers on the yuks, but with actual yuck. The movie is simultaneously hilarious and disgusting, an effective—if overly long—mockery of the very celebrities it stars.

By Roxana Hadadi

What would you do if the world was ending? Would you assume you were going to survive? Would you want to be with your friends? Would you care more about food or water? Those essential survivalist questions are at the forefront of comedy “This is the End,” but delivered with hurricane-force levels of disgustingness. It is very much an exploration of masculine competitiveness and inferiority in the context of something as shattering as the apocalypse, and man, does the bathroom humor fly. So much.

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