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Family Movie Review: Titanic 3D (PG-13)

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MPAA Rating: PG-13       Length: 194 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 14+. There’s the emotional toll of the tragedy, cursing, and a scene of domestic abuse. There are also sketches of nude women, Kate Winslet’s bare breasts, and an implied sex scene.

‘Titanic 3D’ is undoubtedly a cash grab on the part of writer-director James Cameron, whose 1997 film became iconic both for its tragic love story and grand-scale storytelling. And yet! ‘Titanic 3D’ a nostalgic delight, holding up perfectly 15 years later.

By Roxana Hadadi

“Titanic” is the movie that made me love movies, but I never saw it in the United States. When it was released in November 1997, I wasn’t allowed to go see it, so I dealt with all my classmates chatting about it and grew evermore resentful. I whined and complained and my parents didn’t budge. I was a rash child, and I decided then that I would never again let my parents tell me what I could or couldn’t see. I grew up to be a movie reviewer.

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