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Family Movie Review: Warm Bodies (PG-13)

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MPAA Rating: PG-13       Length: 97 minutes

Age Appropriate for: 13+. Some zombie violence, including the undead attacking and eating humans and humans shooting the undead in the head; some kissing; and infrequent cursing. And though some will compare this film to that other supernatural romance “Twilight,” “Warm Bodies” lacks all the frustrating female stereotypes of that series, which is a plus.

‘Warm Bodies’ is, quite simply put, the best movie that’s come out so far in 2013. Genuinely witty, immersive, and heartfelt, it’s wonderfully written and impressively acted and—dare I say?—better than the original book version. Get ready to fall in love with Nicholas Hoult.

By Roxana Hadadi

When the last “Twilight” film came out last year, I rejoiced! I was so pumped that “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” was the end. “We’re over this whole vampire obsession as a society, right?” I thought. “I hope we’re over this whole vampire obsession as a society.” But I forgot about our simultaneous obsession with zombies, and how much the TV show “The Walking Dead” is hot right now, and when I heard about “Warm Bodies,” I feared for a “Twilight” copy, but with the undead instead of the vamps. Little did I know—”Warm Bodies” is so much better than I ever could have imagined.

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